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My Story

Good morning, good day, or good evening, depending upon where in the world you have clicked in from.

Welcome to my storyline…

& digital home,

a place

…where web design, digital art, books, creative writing, & YouTube… COLLIDE!

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My Digital Super Powers…

Interesting Facts…

A Transformative Journey: Synopsis of ‘The Book of Joy’ — A Profound Conversation Between the Dalai Lama, Archbishop Tutu, & More Great Minds!


My Online Story…

My dabbling in creative work, digital media, content marketing, web design, and blogging, began much longer ago than I care to admit (as you might be able to pick up from the list I put down up above;-). However, I will tell you, it was well before the days of WordPress

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Since then, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with several amazing entrepreneurs and start-up companies for various projects, in varying degrees of roles.

These opportunities led me to a journey of learning about everything and all things content creation, digital marketing, and business, online!

The Pre-Story…

Before moving my professional life and career remote and online, I could be found working in hospitality, retail sales, customer service, and the golf industry. It was these years that shaped who I have grown to become today and provided the core skill sets and the drive to do what I do now… every day!

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