Good morning, good day, or good evening, depending upon where in the world you have clicked in from.

Welcome to my ‘story’ and online portfolio!

I am a lifestyle blogger, digital marketing consultant & ecommerce website designer, ‘virtually’ waving from British Columbia, Canada.

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‘Me and the Boss

To find out how I came to be here with you today online and why I am here to help, please read on…

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My Story…

I first began dabbling in digital media, content marketing, web design, and blogging, much longer ago than I care to admit.

However, I will tell you, it was well before the days of WordPress… 

I would like to say it was in 2011 that my first ‘official’ website and eCommerce project that stuck, began.

I have been testing and trying things online, since well before then though!

To see the ‘blog’ that began it all and the web designs I have been working on since then, please visit the Websites tab in the menu above…

It was soon after, I realized THIS was the direction I wanted to take my career!

Since then, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with several amazing entrepreneurs and start-up companies, in varying degrees of roles.

These opportunities led me to learn everything I could about all things digital marketing!

My Focus & Digital Specialties…

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The Pre-Story…

Prior to moving my professional life and career remote and online, I could be found working in hospitality, retail sales, customer service, and the golf industry.

It was these years that truly shaped who I have grown to be today though and provided those core skills and the drive to do what I do… everyday!

Interested in hearing more of my story or are curious about the details of my work history and skill sets? Feel free to contact me anytime and I will be happy to fill you in!

Our Future…

More details, coming soon!

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