Taming the Creative Storm — Navigating the Complexities and Challenges of a Wild Mind! Publications found on Medium.com
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#Creativity | Taming the Creative Storm

#Creativity | Taming the Creative Storm

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Taming the Creative Storm — Navigating the Complexities and Challenges of a Wild Mind!

Recently, I caught myself pondering why I have yet to find my book title sitting on the New York Times, or Amazon Bestsellers List. Well, I can tell you exactly why… Admittedly, I have a little creativity… issue to… let’s say, harness.


One must first write the book, then worry about bestseller lists.

This led me to think about WHY it has been so darn difficult for me to bridle this wild imagination of mine and harness it to my first, best idea so that I can then join in on our wild ride to the top of those bestsellers lists…

It was then, that the following unfolded before me — to share here with you.


#Creativity. Taming the Creative Storm — Navigating the Complexities and Challenges of a Wild Mind! Publications found on Medium.com

Taming the Creative Storm

Read on to find more thoughts, findings, and commentary about unleashing, yet harnessing, a wildly creative… mind — storm!

The Blessings of a Wild Imagination

Creativity is a compelling energy that can pull us beyond the boundaries of convention, ushering in innovation, artistry, and limitless possibilities.

For creative-minded individuals, having a vivid imagination is like having the keys to an unexplored cosmos, or a reallllly cool car, and with these keys come both benefits and drawbacks.

  1. Innovation Unleashed:
    Highly creative minds are known for producing ground-breaking ideas. With their ideas unconstrained by the routine, creative workers can pioneer new concepts, designs, and solutions that transform industries and attract audiences.
  2. Limitless Artistry:
    When imagination knows no limitations, the world of art flourishes. A vivid imagination inspires the creation of expressive paintings, sculptures, and digital art that not only speak to the artist’s spirit but also resonate with people who see it.
  3. Flexible Problem Solving:
    Did you know creative minds also excel at navigating the complexities of problem-solving? A wild imagination facilitates the ability to examine problems from numerous viewpoints, creating the door for creative approaches that may escape individuals limited by traditional thinking.

Challenges Those With Wild Imaginations Face…

Overwhelm and Overstimulation:
The adverse impact of a vivid imagination is the inflow of ideas, which can potentially lead to a state of idea overload. Creative professionals may find themselves flooded with ideas, straining to sort through the layers and find clarity.

Difficulty in Focus:
While a vivid imagination stimulates creativity, it may also be distracting.

Because the mind is continually wandering through a plethora of alternatives, creative individuals may struggle to concentrate on a single job, ultimately affecting their productivity and overall efficiency.

Perfectionism Paralysis:
The pursuit of perfection is a common temptation for those with big dreams. The sheer abundance of ideas can cause a paralyzing fear of imperfection, inhibiting development and suffocating the creative process.

Looking for Strategies to Help in Taming your Creative Storm?


In Conclusion…

For many creative professionals, navigating the wonders and challenges of a wild imagination is an ongoing adventure.

Instilling a sense of structure while embracing the chaos and craziness can help to transform a wild imagination into an unbreakable instrument of invention and artistic expression.

As the creative storm rages on, I believe the ability to navigate and channel its energy is what truly determines a creative professional’s success!

Also struggling to capture your first, best idea for a book, business, invention, or other creative endeavour?

I hope the information and thoughts provided above help you to better bridle your wild creativity today, tomorrow, and in the future!

~Until next time, happy reading!

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