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Beta Reading Services | 2024

Beta Reading Services | 2024.

Beta Readers are not just word enthusiasts or glorified bookworms, we simply love books and writing.

I sure do

And that is why I am here – to help you further sculpt your book to a future state of pristine brilliance!

Have an article, blog post, short story, manuscript, or book, ready & in need of a positively constructive review?

Explore Beta Reading Services 2024 Featured Image

Read More & Explore Beta Reading Services for 2024!

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(0 to 10,000 Word Count)

I will beta read your article, blog post, copywriting, or story

~ perfect for articles, blog posts, copywriting, novellas, & the short story

full-length projects

(10,000+ Word Count)

I will beta read your short story, book, manuscript, or novel

~ perfect for short stories, books, manuscripts, or novels

From self-help, personal development, romance, fantasy, paranormal, sci-fi, short stories, children’s novels, or historical narratives, to any genre really, I am happy to beta-read both your fiction and non-fiction manuscripts.


Once I have thoroughly read the provided document in its entirety…

You will be returned an editable document (in the same format provided) containing:

  • document notes pointing out any typos, grammatical errors, or short comments
  • concluding with a detailed Closing Summary Report of my thoughts and feedback.


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Interested in learning more about beta reading in 2024?


What do beta readers really do?

When asking Google the question, I was led over to Wikipedia and the following detailed explanation…

A beta reader is a test reader of an unreleased work of writing, typically literature, who gives feedback to the author from the point of view of an average reader. This feedback can be used by the writer to fix remaining issues with plot, pacing, and consistency. The beta reader also serves as a sounding board to see if the work has the intended intellectual or emotional impact on the target market.

Beta reader – Wikipedia

As an avid reader for many more years than I care to admit (also known for having an insanely meticulous ‘eye’ for the details) my goal is to help you guide your narrative to its very best version possible…

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